Powerful new version of Infinite’s PaaS released

The next generation of the Infinite Platform has been released powering the next generation of SaaS products, including the Synoptic Reactivate Enterprise management platform and iOS / Android Apps. The Infinite PaaS is a closed Platform for exclusive use by Infinite customers, enabling them to leverage powerful functional components and infrastructure upon which SaaS products can be rapidly built, deployed and maintained, constantly evolving with next generation technology.

Founder and CEO Graeme Scott said “The new version of the Infinite Platform benefits from the last three years substantial investment, iterative learning and integration of industry leading expertise, alongside successful releases and adoption across the world of Infinite powered applications by multinational institutions. The experience of rapid iteration and growth has seen the Infinite Platform mature whilst enabling exciting and powerful new capabilities as we continue to expand our horizons and the company, this is a testament to the dedication, quality and talent of our team.”